Books for Taking Hurricane Irene Like a Man

As manly men, we have a duty to stand in the face of fear and laugh at it.  That’s why while some of us are stuck in our homes in the midst of Hurricane Irene, we read books that have Hurricanes in them.  Its our little way of telling Irene where she can stick it.  So take what little time you have left to run out to your nearest book store (or go to the Kindle website) and grab one of the following books to pass the tedium as we wait out Armageddon. Let us know if we’re missing any of your favorite storm books.


Some of these descriptions contain spoilers.

Robinson Crusoe
Daniel Dafoe

The classic stranded shipwreck novel that started many copycats (ahem, Lost). Robinson Crusoe is so tough and determined he’s shipwrecked by TWO storms at sea. Bonus: We get the best names island because of he second wreck: The Island of Despair.

The Caine Mutiny
Herman Wouk

The only Pulitzer Prize winner here. Based on the events aboard an outdated WWII destroyer, the hurricane comes into play during the book’s climax. The mutiny subtly hinted at in the book’s title takes place to save the ship from Typhoon Cobra. Though with a name like Typhoon Cobra, you wonder how anything would survive.

Cape Fear (Originally The Executioners)
John MacDonald

Cape Fear is about a convicted racist trying to get payback on his former attorney. After being terrorized by the felon, the family decides it wise to flee to a small, enclosed space with no hope of escape. This comes in the form of their house boat. The final climax of the book comes as the lawyer and felon fight while the boat is being rocked by a hurricane.
If your power is knocked out and you’re left without a reading light, the Robert De Niro movie would be a great replacement on your iPad.

The Perfect Storm
Sebastian Junger

Based on real events, I wouldn’t call this one an “upper”. The book is about a six man crew trying to stay afloat during a huge storm at sea.

Joseph Conrad

Typhoon is about sea captain Tom MacWhirr. Captain MacWhirr is a hard headed and stubborn sailor who decides to sail straight into a Typhoon, opting to take it head on. Proving that acting in such a bad ass, manly way always works. The ship make it through to take on new adventures.

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