Hunger Games Book Club Open Thread

The Hunger Games book club is HERE!

Remember, there’s two ways to join the on-line discussion:

  1. On twitter.  Search for the Ultra Manly Book Club hashtag: #iUMBC, then post with that hashtag to join in.
  2. Add your thoughts to the comment section of this post


Looking for some ideas on what to talk about?

  1. Rate the book on a scale of 1 to 10.  Why did you rate it that way?
  2. Rate the bookin terms of manliness.  1 to 10 again, and why did you rate it that way?
  3. Favorite character
  4. Favorite part.
  5. Who didn’t you like.
  6. What was the most awesome death?
  7. What’d you think of those weird mutant wolves at the end?

And the list can go on and on.  Talk about the political undertones or keep it superficial, really, just talk about whatever you want.

We’ll recap the book with our thoughts this week.

Have fun!

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  1. My physical book club is meeting at 9:00 CST, so a lot of our comments may come then.

  2. have been sick so i couldn’t make it to the book club this late–but on the bright side it gave me time to read all the way through the rest of the series in time.

    rating: 5.75 out of 10 (book 1: 8, book 2: 3, book 3: 5)

    the books were pretty entertaining for the most part, so-so writing, a little drawn out in parts (first half of book 2 especially), annoying love triangle, and a somewhat annoying main character.

    manliness rating: 4 out of 10

    a love triangle as a main driving force of the series–not manly. an annoying 16/17 year old brat of a girl as the main character–not manly. the games and action were pretty manly, but the books eventually seemed to turn to make it all about katniss and who she ended up with and her being happy rather than about the action and bigger story going on. so overall, not that manly.

  3. favorite character: haymitch. smart, washed up, unpredictable, the only one who can put that little brat katniss in her place. gotta love him. looking forward to watching woody harrelson play him. there were lots of other minor characters i liked a lot (rue, finnick, johanna, a few others). but most of the major characters not so much–which i thought was interesting.

    favorite part: probably most of the first actual hunger games game. the mutants were weird, but the very end was pretty sweet. though the end of two when they escape from the arena, katniss shooting to destroy the shield was pretty awesome.

  4. didn’t like: katniss. as explained a little before. she started out ok but just got worse and worse as the series progressed. i mean, it makes sense to some degree with all the trauma that she had to go through, but that doesn’t mean i have to like her for it. she was extremely selfish and rather stupid, especially in book 3. she basically got lots of people killed on a suicide mission that had no purpose. also didn’t like gale at all–what a tool.

    awesome death: hmmm not sure. maybe president coin’s death at the end. let’s be honest though, these books were more than a little disturbing, and not just because it was supposed to be some vicious post-apocalyptic world. especially the last book. man i’m not sure how i feel about young adults reading this.

    mutants: again, another example of a lot of the disturbing things in this series.

    anybody else have any thoughts? again, sad to miss the group and the discussion.

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