Matterhorn Deodorant

Getting a little sweaty doing Ultra Manly works? Building up some perspiration reading the more intense parts of Matterhorn?

Introducing a new Ultra Manly/Old Spice joint effort*: Matterhorn deodorant

Old Spice describes it as such:

Old Spice Matterhorn smells so much like a fresh mountain that if your lady friends ever summit the actual Matterhorn they’ll think, “This mountain smells just like (insert your name)’s armpit.”

We figured that would be a better description than:

Old Spice Matterhorn smells so much like a bloody jungle battle that if your lady friends are ever covered in jungle rot, surrounded by machine guns and blood, they’ll think, ‘this bloodbath smells just like (insert your name)’s armpit’.

Didn’t think that was as appealing. So we used the real Matterhorn, instead its namesake from the book.

Either way go out and get the Matterhorn deodorant to smell your finest and be sure to look for next month’s fragrance: Winter of Our DisconScent**.



*Not really, Old Spice came up with this on their own
**Definitely not going to happen.

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  1. This blog post brings iUMBC to the next level of awesome.

  2. i mean, who doesn’t want to smell like a mountain?!!? i am going to Costco to buy it in bulk.

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