Matterhorn Book Club Open Thread

The Matterhorn  book club is HERE!

Remember, there’s two ways to join the on-line discussion:

  1. On twitter. Search for the Ultra Manly Book Club hashtag: #iUMBC, then post with that hashtag to join in.  The official club is tonight at 9:00 CST, but feel free to comment whenever.
  2. Add your thoughts to the comment section of this post


Looking for some ideas on what to talk about?

  1. Rate the book on a scale of 1 to 10. Why did you rate it that way?
  2. Rate the bookin terms of manliness. 1 to 10 again, and why did you rate it that way?
  3. Favorite character.
  4. Favorite part.
  5. Who didn’t you like.
  6. What was the most awesome death?
  7. Have you read a book like this before?  How did it compare?

And the list can go on and on. Talk about the political undertones or keep it superficial, really, just talk about whatever you want.

We’ll recap the book with our thoughts this week.

Have fun!

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Staring out across the hazy mountain range on his latest summitting of Mt. Kilimanjaro, Zach saw with a clearness he had not yet seen. "People should tremble at the very sound of my name", he thought. And it was so. "I should master the manly arts of the world, such as barehanded hunting and blacksmithing". And it was so. "People should call me Z$". And it was so.

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