Front Cover Fridays #1

Here at iUMBC, we don’t like to take life too seriously. We might come across highly educated and ultra professional on the surface, but truly we are just a bunch of normal guys who like to have fun. In an attempt to prove to you how uneducated and not so serious we truly are, it is my joy to introduce…

Front Cover Fridays.

Yes, Front Cover Fridays. Your weekly look at a book you’ve likely never seen before. The book may be ridiculous, hilarious, strange or straight out random. How do we find these books? Simple – we go to bookstores and start pulling random books off the shelves until we find one we love. Then we share it with you.

What’s the purpose of this weekly series you ask? We aren’t entirely sure yet. Maybe it will entice our readers to dive into a genre of books you’ve never considered. Or maybe it will elicit memories of a terrific book you read 20 years ago that 99% of the world has no clue about. Or maybe it will resurrect some long-lost author’s career because they finally got some face time on the interwebz.

Eh. Those are all unlikely; chances are the goal is to be strictly ridiculous. Hopefully week-by-week people take us less and less seriously.

Okay, lets get on with it. Here is our first installment of FCF:


I’m not a detective, and I hate to judge a book by it’s cover, but I would guess that this is about a Native American boy named Amee-nah who runs the race of his life. I’d be running too if I woke up one morning and the sun had turned into a giant head staring at me in a loincloth.

About APC

Following his days in the Octagon, APC worked for an undisclosed amount of time tracking and studying a colony of Yetis in eastern Nepal (read more about his travels in his memoir, "Backgammon 101: Let the Yeti Win"). Nowadays, he spends his time in Havana fitting model ships inside glass bottles, and counting his gold bullions with his chimpanzee, Don Ultimo.
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