New Nook to Rival Kindle and iPad?

Today Barnes and Noble announced their new Nook Tablet to compete with Amazon’s Kindle and Apple’s iPad.  The Nook has always been a player in the eBook market and has a very loyal following among its users.  That said, it has been a distant second to Amazon’s Kindle.  The new Nook Tablet hopes to change that by closing the gap.  The new Nook does claim some positives over the Kindle’s Fire.  The 7-inch Nook is billed as a “faster, smaller alternative to Nook”.  The screen is said to be better than the Fire and it has more storage space.  Though I’m not sure the space is a huge issue.  The Kindle Fire has unlimited space in the Amazon Cloud and both devices will rely heavily on streaming.

One potentially huge benefit will be in-store support, much like the Apple Genius Bar.  Nook users should be able to walk into their neighborhood Barnes and Noble stores to get personal help with their tablet, which is something Amazon obviously can’t do.  An ever huger benefit it that it doesn’t have a ridiculous name like .

We’ll see if this helps Barnes and Noble play catch up to what it a very large lead held by Amazon.  According to Bloomberg:

The Kindle has a market share of 67 percent in the U.S., followed by the Nook at 22 percent, according to Goldman Sachs Group Inc. also generates 58 percent of e-book sales, followed by Barnes & Noble’s 27 percent, Apple Inc. at 9 percent and Borders with 7 percent.

I’m all for the Nook and Kindle creating competition in the eBook world, I’m just not sure either of them should be pushing into the tablet market.  Either one could end up as a great device, but it seems like both companies should stick to what they know best, selling books.  Creating their own devices going up against bigger electronics companies (Apple, Microsoft, RIM, Samsung, etc) with more expertise seems like a mistake to me.

Does anybody currently own a Nook?  If so, how do you like it?

Those of you considering getting an eReader, are you planning on buying a Kindle or Nook?  Does this announcement make you want a new Nook?

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  1. i was hoping to maybe get a kindle for christmas, but this announcement does cause me to pause for a moment. and no i’m done pausing. i’m getting a kindle. i will use it just as a reader and am not interested in the tablet capabilities, at least yet.

    tablets will continue to get better and eventually combine a lot of these things (readers, smart phones, laptops), and then i’ll get one. and yes it will be from apple or a company more specialized in technology. not a bookstore.

    • I have a feeling that you’re in the majority here. I’m guessing when everything shakes out, the tablet market will belong to tech companies and Amazon will maintain their market share.

      Now the only question is which Kindle, Luke? So many options!

  2. Your ansewr was just what I needed. It’s made my day!

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