Pet Names: Ultra Manly (So Says John Steinbeck)

Pet names.

Pretty darn effeminate right?

Most guys would agree that it isn’t the manliest thing to have a bunch of pet names for your spouse or girlfriend.  But I think we can also agree that the major theme of The Winter of Our Discontent is that pet names don’t have to be lame.  I’m pretty sure that John Steinbeck wrote the book to prove that if you can come up with original names for your woman, then having pet names are actually quite manly.

The book’s protagonist, Ethan, refuses to call his wife by her name, instead we get a new, original name every time he addresses her.

My favorites:

  • Duck Blossom
  • My Creamy Fowl
  • Flower Feet
  • Pidgeon-flake
  • Dimpsey Darling
  • Chicken-flower
  • Rabbit-footling
  • Cottontail

So go out and prove your manhood by calling your girl a super random name.  That’s what John Steinbeck would have done.

Now that we’re all released from judgement on the issue, what are your favorite pet names to use?

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