Front Cover Fridays #5

Guess which book series is second all time in total sales behind only Harry Potter. It’s not Lord of the Rings. It’s not Narnia. It’s not Nancy Drew, the Hardy Boys or the Boxcar Children either.

It’s Goosebumps.

When I was in 3rd grade I read my first Goosebumps book – #14 The Werewolf of Fever Swamp – and I didn’t sleep for days, but I loved it. I proceeded to read all 24 books that were out at the time. Today, there are 196 different Goosebump books – 62 in the original series plus loads of spin-off series. Just so we can all reminisce about the good ole days, I present to you Werewolf, plus the Front Covers of the first 7 Goosebump books:





Things we can all agree on: Let’s Get Invisible is the lamest name ever, and that Dummy is still terrifying to this day. Some of them were the lamest book ever, but other ones were actually surprisingly scary. Which was your favorite Goosebumps book? Any details you remember as you scan this list of Front Covers?

For the complete list of Goosebumps books (and a 100% nostalgic experience) check out the complete list of Goosebumps books here.

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