Front Cover Fridays #6

Any time I travel, I try my best to find my way into a couple used book stores in the area. I’m not really sure why these places are of such interest to me. Maybe deep down I believe that I might stumble upon a totally different set of books in a different city. It’s probably the same thing that sparked this whole FCF idea in the first place. Who knows.

Here’s what I do know: I was in the Haight neighborhood of San Francisco last week and found my way into The Booksmith and this was the first book I saw when i walked in the door…Talk about the perfect book for this week’s Front Cover Friday. This book is chalked full of manly beverage recipes using only the good stuff – whiskey, rye, bourbon and gin. And what makes this book even better is the so-called “bar-stool wisdom” scattered between recipes complete with action drinking shots of the gentlemen who spoke them. Things like…

Nailed it. This book is simultaneously hilarious and useful. And since Christmas is nearly upon us, it’d make a great gift for Dad, Brother, Papa-in-Law, Uncle, Grandpa or Cousin this holiday season. Check it out here.

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