Front Cover Fridays #8

Shout out to all you manly Nintendo geeks out there! What a rad book cover, eh?! Just little Mario soaring through the air – no mushrooms, no fireballs, no Koopa or Bowser making chase – just Jumpman pulling his signature A-move. Simple and fresh. I came across this book a couple weeks ago, and I’ve been anxious to post it for Front Cover Friday, but alas, Friday only comes once a week.

Want to “take a break” from your Wii and discover Nintendo’s glorious history? Check out Super Mario: How Nintendo Conquered America. The book chronicles the history of Nintendo from Shigeru Miyamoto’s creation of Donkey Kong (and subsequently, our mustached plumber) all the way up through the Wii.

I started it two days ago and am about halfway done. Pretty easy read – especially as someone who grew up on the NES/SNES/N64. Nostalgic and informative. Maybe iUMBC will give it a full review once I get through it. (You can count on it.)

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