Manhood for Amateurs

Mechanics have their 20 or 120 point inspections, we have our 5 point book inspections. They are 5 quick hits of our thoughts about a book. This is by no means a full review. Think of it as our ultra short primary thoughts on it. Feel free to read the Amazon review for the real thing.

Manhood for Amateurs
Michael Chabon

  1. This book came highly recommended and has a name that gives it unlimited potential to all men. I was incredibly disappointed. The title is misleading. It’s like Chabon just wanted to write a book to prove how smart he is, but needed a common theme to tie them together, so he’s loosely related them to manliness.
  2. I couldn’t connect to any of Chabon’s writing. He writes in a way that made me think he takes himself to serisouly. He came across as pretentious, with a forced intellect to it. Or he’s smarter than me. Either way, I don’t like it.
  3. Maybe I’m just not a memoir person. At least not this type. I love me some Anne Lamott or Bill Bryson. Give me short, humorous anecdotes and maybe a quick take away from each one of those and I’m happy. Don’t give me essays on how you’re such a deep thinker.
  4. I don’t need to be constantly entertained (I made it through Gilead for goodness sakes), but I skipped more in this book than any other. Very dry and humorless. By the end, I was just forcing my self to labor through just to be finished with it.
  5. I swear he had a competition with someone about how long he could make his sentences.  There are more commas and dashes in this book that any of the Ultra Manly Book Club books combined.

All this said, this is generally a highly recommended and liked book. It just wasn’t for me.

Bottom line is that I must just be beyond this book and need a Manhood for Professionals.

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