Ultra Manly Gift Guide 2011

As always, when you’re in a bind, the Ultra Manly Book Club comes to the rescue. 

About this time every year, every single man has some iteration of this thought, “holy crap, Christmas is three weeks away and I have NO idea what to get ___”.  Likewise, every girl goes through the same process, “holy crap, he’s so hard to shop for”.  Don’t worry, the Ultra Manly Book Club’s got you covered with this Ultra Manly Gift Guide for men.  Below are a few gift suggestions for that special man/family member/woman/yourself in your life. They range from practical to a little more extravagant. Some are Book Club related, some are just simply awesome man toys. There’s a little something for everyone (as long as everyone is a male).

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Staring out across the hazy mountain range on his latest summitting of Mt. Kilimanjaro, Zach saw with a clearness he had not yet seen. "People should tremble at the very sound of my name", he thought. And it was so. "I should master the manly arts of the world, such as barehanded hunting and blacksmithing". And it was so. "People should call me Z$". And it was so.

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  1. I want the Throne throne.

    • I can fashion you one out of wood, but I can’t promise it’ll be more than some 2×4’s and plywood with a whole cut out.

  2. i think i will just add this entire page to my amazon wish list.

  3. I love that book darts made the list. Quality. I also love the $1000 swiss army knife with 141 uses, the last of which is key chain.

  4. Okay you are so taking me to wvereher it is that I can shoot all those guns! I think that the machine gun/tree chopping injuries sound super manly. If I didn’t know you so well I would definitely think of you as manly!! I am so kidding! You are a wierd rennaisance kind of guy. All in all, I’d have to put you in a manly category.


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