Why Do You Read?

Research* shows that 99% of literate people read every day. If you’re on this web site and reading this, then you are one of those 99%. Kudos. Who are the 1% you ask? Well that’s just one of life’s mysteries.

Learning to read is one of life’s necessities in this modern era, and there are many things that we have to read every day. But we here at the Ultra Manly Book Club believe that the ability to read should not only be used when absolutely necessary. We believe that you should read even when you don’t have to. Unfortunately for many of us, school taught us that reading was something that was an assignment, a chore, homework. That takes a lot of the joy out of reading, and there are many men out there who have just never rediscovered that joy.

And in this day and age, with a multitude of television shows and channels, with a plethora of movies and films, and smorgasbord of video games on many different mediums, as well as numerous other forms of entertainment–we actually need to ask: Why do you read?

What makes you pick up a book instead of turning on a movie? What is the driving force that leads you to want to turn the pages instead of the channels? Here are a few possible answers, but we’d love to hear your reasons in the comment section below:

◊  For entertainment
◊  To learn
◊  To pass the time
◊  Because it’s more detailed than movies or shows
◊  It helps me fall asleep
◊  To impress people and look smart
◊  Because it makes me a better person

Others? Please share!


*not “real” research, per say

About Luke

Luke learned to read at the age of two, whereupon he decided, like much of the male population, that it was a chore to be done only when absolutely necessary. Then suddenly at age nineteen, he discovered good books—he has been reading voraciously ever since, earning multiple literature and writing degrees. At any given moment you'll find him reading at least one book, smoking a cigar, up fifty feet in a tree he free-climbed.

Currently Reading:
Collected Stories by Alexander Pushkin
-Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy by Eric Metaxas
The Mystery of Being by Gabriel Marcel


  1. Good list.
    I read for a bunch of reasons. To learn more, to spark my creativity, to be able to have intelligent conversations. At least that’s what I tell myself. I’d say the two overwhelming reasons are to 1) be entertained and 2) lord my literacy over lesser men.

  2. i would say that entertainment is my primary goal when reading, but learning is a product of it too. not the goal, but a perk. reading rarely makes me fall asleep…if anything it keeps me up later.

    that statistic at the beginning makes me want to try to go a whole day without reading any text. I don’t even understand how it would be possible for anyone to avoid reading any words all day.

  3. James Swanson says:

    Hmmmmm, I think primarily to broaden my concept of imagination with its basis in truth and how dormant mine was for awhile without reading “good” fiction, this probably would fall under the entertainment category mentioned above though. Tolkien and Lewis are to blame for me learning to spend time reading instead of studying…

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