Award for Manliest Retailer: Duke Cannon

I’m not entire sure what they sell exactly.  All I know is I’m buying it.

Duke Cannon Supply Co.

iUMBC insider, Graham, says that they sold out of product immediately.  Orders meant as Christmas presents still haven’t come.

Some quotes from the website:

“Duke Cannon would never spend $129 on a f****ing polo shirt.”

“Duke Cannon doesn’t give a sh** about your new ringtone.”

“Duke Cannon would rather walk home rather than ride in your Toyota Prius.”

“Duke Cannon comes from a different era–an era when men had a greater purpose than building spreadsheets and spending their Saturdays at Banana Republic.”

“Duke Cannon. F*** Yeah.”

So we can’t vouch for their product, but we can vouch for a incredibly manly website.  Duke Cannon, the Ultra Manly Book Club salutes you.

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