Divergent: Quick Hit Review

Quick story on how awesome my wife and I are.  We just took a weekend getaway to Branson.  During the off season.  On Sunday night.  Even cooler, we listened to a book on CD the whole way there and back.  Even COOLER, it was a young adult book filled with sappy “omg- we kissed” and “I wonder if he likes me”.

…And it was amazing. Both Branson and the book.  Don’t worry, I won’t review the trip, just the book.

Veronica Roth

The book reminds me a lot of the Hunger Games Trilogy.  Takes place in a dystopian world, about a young girl who learns to kick ass, all the while battling a corrupt government.  While at times a little annoying (the author does not use contractions), the book gives us an original story that sucks you in from the beginning.

Like Hunger Games, society has broken up into groups.  Instead of cities, though, they are separated into specific faction based on what each person believes to be the most important character trait: selflessness, courage, knowledge, honesty, or peace.  Tris, the main character has to chose which faction to join and then undergo the brutal initiation process in order to be accepted, all the while hiding a secret that could destroy her.

Impressive random fact?   The author, Veronica Roth, is only freaking 23.  She sold the book while still an undergraduate.  Thanks Veronica for making me feel so good about what I’ve accomplished in my life so far…

Final Judgement: Read it.  Worth your time.

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