Early Super Bowl Picks

Well if you are a manly man I’m going to assume that you spent (wasted?) your entire day doing nothing but watching football, as both conference championship games aired today. It’ll be two weeks before another football game is on (don’t even try to convince me that the pro bowl has any resemblance to a real football game), so you had to soak it all in while you could today.

So early bets, who you taking? Pats or Giants?

Beyond that, who do you want to win the game–regardless of who you think will win the game?

Vegas is giving early odds to the Pats, with a 3 1/2 spread. I’m not a betting man when it comes to sports, and I have no idea who I’d bet on.

I would like to see the Giants win–I’m tired of the Patriots. Of course the Giants won it just a few years ago as the underdog against the same Patriots, so they’ve tasted victory recently as well. The 49ers, who’ve had something like a 20 year drought, and the Ravens who’ve won 1 in their short history, would have been more likeable picks I believe. But alas. (Far be it for any team that hasn’t won the thing in 30+ years or not at all like the Chiefs or the Lions to actually get there. It’s almost like trying to pick between the Yankees and the Red Sox. Gag.)

I think I like the Giants because Victor Cruz helped lead me to be the champion of the Ultra Manly Fantasy Football league this year. That’s right, we have a league and I won it (had to throw that in a post sometime). If you want to join next year let us know, and I’ll kindly whoop up on you too.

But for whatever reason, who are you taking and who do you like in the Super Bowl?

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  1. Sam Creagar says:

    I would just like to point out that the screen shot is from Tecmo Super Bowl.

    Which is the most awesome game. Ever.

    My Pick: Brady gets his revenge, his record, and his seat at the Best-All-Time QB table, joining Joe Montana, John Elway, and Sammy Baugh (props to those who know who that is).* Pats win, 27-24.

    And I want the Pats to win. Not because of Brady, and not because I don’t like the Giants. It’s because Brian Waters, one of the greatest offensive linemen of all time, now plays for the Pats, and he should get a ring. Kansas City never got him there, I’m glad he is there now.

    *Yes, I know I left Peyton Manning off the list. He’ll probably get to sit at the table too. It’s true that no one has ever mastered the position like he has. But most of his glory is wrapped up in the regular season. And his Super Bowl came against the Rex Grossman led Bears. Yuck.

    • i have to disagree about brian waters–i think he has been one of the more overrated offensive linemen. he benefitted from an incredible line that included pro-bowlers willie roaf and will shields. he is good, but not one of the greatest. i do think it was foolish for the chiefs to let him go this year, and if he wins a super bowl ring it will be the one small point of consolation in an otherwise exasperating addition to recent championships for the city of boston.

      and yes i picked that tecmo bowl shot on purpose 🙂

      • Sam Creagar says:

        Waters: 2-time all pro, five-time pro bowler, winner of Offensive Player of the Week in 2004 (AS A LINEMAN!! The only offensive lineman to ever win the award in the AFC), 2009 Walter Payton Award.

        That’s…pretty good. Just say’n 🙂

  2. I’m for the giants, i guess. Like most other people who aren’t a pats/giants fan, i wanted it to be harbaugh v. harbaugh. but alas, they both choked.

    i think the giants win it. and i don’t think it’ll be very close either: 38-24.

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