The Most Manly Sport?

Since we’re reading about baseball (among other things), I thought I would take a little survey. What is the most manly sport? Let us know in the comment section and state your case.

One might go with football, because it’s physical and fast–but one could say the same thing about hockey, or rugby. And yes those are real sports.

One could say baseball because it takes discipline and focused strength. But then again you can also be 50 pounds overweight and excel at the game.

One may also be inclined to go the soccer route, arguing that it is played by more men around the world than any other sport. But then again, well, no, I can’t think of an argument against it. That’s my vote for the most manly sport. Soccer.

Disagree? Prove me wrong. You probably think it is figure skating. (but you have to be really strong!)

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  1. The most manly sport is obviously curling.

  2. Caber Toss

  3. Brady josephson says:

    Soccer? Cmon. Curling is a good option, only with a kilt. But seriously, as much as I want to say hockey, I gotta go with rugy or Aussie rules football.

  4. James Swanson says:

    Tie between speed tree-climbing and spring-boarding, because lumberjack games are supremely manly.

  5. According to hilariously grumpy, opinionated, and grouch-ally poignant Frank Deford, this is the ranking of our favorite American sports.

    1. The NFL.
    2. College football.
    3. Fantasy football.
    4. Major league baseball.
    5. High school football.
    6. The NBA.

    Read more:

  6. Ice skating — easily. I’m so glad to not see “Wild At Heart” on any of these lists. ; )

    Happy Reading!

  7. Kevin Zhang says:


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