UMBC Podcast: Art of Fielding Preview


UMBC_ The Art of Fielding

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We’ve taken the leap!  The first Ultra Manly Podcast has been recorded, edited, and published!

Each month we’ll produce a podcast reviewing our last book and previewing our next book.  It’s a very serious, tangent-free recording.  I swear.

See the below show notes for more.

January Podcast:

  • Who we (Ultra Manly Book Club) are
  • What books we’ve done
  • Review of Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter
  • Books we’ve read that are being made into movies
    • Hunger Games
    • Ender’s Game
    • Water for Elephants
    • Devil in the White City
    • The Sparrow
    • Round Ireland with a Fridge
    • Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter
  • Preview: Art of Fielding Preview


  1. PODCAST!!!! pumped to see this up.

  2. good podcast guys! though i feel underrepresented, us “literary” folks are getting a bad name.

    • well. sounds like you’ll need to be a voice in an upcoming podcast then. maybe a pure literary value vs pure entertainment debate…

  3. A great start, gentlemen. Looking forward to our discussion!

  4. Blake Osborn says:

    Excellent. After you all tackle “The Art of Fielding,” you should consider David Foster Wallace’s big-ass, 1104 page novel “Infinite Jest.”

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