Out of the Silent Planet Book Club Questions

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Out of the Silent Planet definitely has more depth and underlying themes to it than most of the books we’ve read so far in the Ultra Manly Book Club.  You can hardly go a page without encountering new imagery, symbolism, or allusion.  There shouldn’t be a lack of discussion questions after reading the book.  That said, here are some questions to get your book club discussion going. Let us know if we missed any that you’d like discussed.

Out of the Silent Planet Book Club Discussion Questions

1.  Lewis uses Malacandra as an example of what a perfect world would look like.  By contrast he uses Earth as an example of a broken world.  What are the differences in the two worlds?  Which do you think is right or wrong? Do you agree with Lewis’ assumptions?

2. Lewis seems to use this as a cautionary tale of taking science and technology too far.  How do you see this warning?

3.  The main protagonist, Weston, looks at Malacandra as a means to help the population of Earth.  He wants to use Malacandra and Malacandra’s inhabitants to ensure the safety and prosperity of Man, no matter the costs.  How does this apply to how we act now?

4.  How sweet is the main character’s name (Ransom)?

5.  Ransom shows unexpected courage and fearlessness as he escapes his captors and roams a strange planet alone.  How do you think you’d react in that situation?

6.  Lewis is known to heavily include imagery and symbolism into his fiction books.  Where do you see that in Out of the Silent Planet? How does knowing this help you better understand the book.

As stated before, Lewis’ books are so chalk full of underlying themes that these questions could go on and on. What are some big one’s we missed or you’d like to see discussed?

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