Out of the Silent Planet PREview: February Book Club

Out of the Silent Planet

CS Lewis

While widely considered one of the formative science fiction books of the 20th century, it seems like CS Lewis’ Science Trilogy often gets overlooked. Out of the Silent is Lewis’ first published book and acts as an adult version of his Narnia books.  Those who love the fantasy and wonder associated with The Chronicles of Narnia will enjoy a story that caters to a more adult palette.

Whenever we read a book for the Ultra Manly Book Club that is considered a “classic”, half of the guys have already read it and remember it well. Only two or three of us have read Out of the Silent Planet and none of us can remember anything about it. That’s about to change.

Just by looking at a brief preview of the book, you can tell it’s manly through and through.  The main character, Ransom*, is kidnapped by 2 men and wakes up on a spaceship.  He soon finds out he’s being taken to the inhabited planet Malacandra, where he’ll be offered as a human sacrifice.  Taking matters into his own hands, Ransom escapes shortly after they land and goes on the run in a strange, new land.

It checks all of the boxes from our Manly Story Formula.  Reluctant hero, space, adventure, and a perilous journey.  All while giving us a beautifully written story that stretches our imaginations and what we believe is possible.

Fun Fact: Ransom is modeled after Lewis’ good friend JRR Tolkein (he of Hobbit fame).

*Best named character in literature?


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