Final Four Thoughts

So how’s your bracket doing? I made the mistake of filling out 3 brackets, all different–so I wasn’t quite sure who to root for. Unfortunately they all did pretty terrible for the most part so it didn’t matter too much.

I am in second place in the iUMBC bracket, but it will remain that way no matter what happens next weekend.

Congratulations to John Creagar who has already won the Ultra Manly Bracket Challenge! In any scenario he will end up winning. John–you get a huge prize. What that huge prize is…I’m not quite sure yet. But be prepared, it may be completely immaterial.

I was surprised to see Kansas make the final four. Congrats hawks. Way to represent the Big XII.

So long Missouri. Your best team in years (maybe ever?) flamed out early. You lose a lot of seniors too. Good luck in the SEC.

I’d say Kentucky has about an 85% chance of winning it all. They are just that much better than everybody else.

I’d also say they have about a 60% chance of having that championship vacated in the future. Hope you’ve enjoyed selling out Kentucky. Enjoy it while it lasts.

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