Front Cover Fridays #15

Are you bored with the same ole trip to the toilet every time? Are you looking to spice up your deuce life? Then pick up Daniel Cole Young’s “Kama Pootra: 52 Mind Blowing Ways to Poop“. Positions include “The Thinker”, “The Cannonball”, and “The Butterfly” as well as a number of group and specialty positions! […]

Front Cover Fridays #14

Here we have the second best selling book of the 19th-century (behind only the Bible)… It was originally written as a 40-week series for an abolitionist magazine called the National Era, but the first bounded edition of Harriet Beecher Stowe’s “Uncle Tom’s Cabin; Life Among the Lowly” was published as a two volume set in […]

Front Cover Fridays #13

Clearly this is a must have manual for every manly man heavily involved in the world of radio frequency radiation. Let’s see what the experts have to say: “This is a good practical book for anyone involved in RF safety work. There are many useful references and illustrations.” – Electrotechnology “For industries where there is […]

Front Cover Fridays #12

Mucho kudos to John, a fellow iUMBC member, who discovered this gem last week and shared it via twitter. The cover of Are You Psychic? encourages you to “find the answers you’ve always been looking for.” John counters: “Shouldn’t you already know?” – @Creagarmania Touche, Johnny. Touche. Also, what an unfortunate last name…

Front Cover Fridays #11

Hundreds of bearded men strutted their stuff at the World Beard and Moustache Championships in Anchorage, Alaska, and photographer Matthew Rainwaters was there to capture it all. This resulting collection of portraits features the bushiest, most stylish, and downright weirdest beards from around the world. Taken straight on, the photographs are stark and stunning the […]

Front Cover Fridays #10

H.G. Wells wrote The Time Machine in 1895 in London. The 32,000 word book is readable in an afternoon sitting. It is the origin of the term “time machine”, and has inspired hundreds of other science fiction works. Check out what the first edition cover looked like back then… This first edition sells for thousands […]

Review: SUPER MARIO: How Nintendo Conquered America

      Are video games manly? I’m sure there are conflicting opinions, but the opinion of iUMBC is a resounding YES. I know everyone has been losing sleep over when the review to last week’s FCF, Super Mario: How Nintendo Conquered America is going to drop. Well, wait no longer. This book is essentially […]

Front Cover Fridays #9

iUMBC has very few rules. In fact, the only rule that comes to mind is this one: “Avoid the Tw*light Saga at all costs.” Oh, and another one: “Always utilize the asterisk when typing the word “Tw*light” as it is forbidden to do otherwise.” That being said, we fully support Tw*light Saga parodies. Thus, we […]

Front Cover Fridays #8

Shout out to all you manly Nintendo geeks out there! What a rad book cover, eh?! Just little Mario soaring through the air – no mushrooms, no fireballs, no Koopa or Bowser making chase – just Jumpman pulling his signature A-move. Simple and fresh. I came across this book a couple weeks ago, and I’ve […]

Front Cover Fridays #7

Forty-eight hours from now we’ll be tearing the wrappings off our gifts. That’s right, Christmas is a mere 2 days away! So in light of the holidays, let’s take a look at a Christmas classic in its original, first edition form: A Christmas Carol was written by Charles Dickens in 1843. This original hardback cover […]