Funny or Die Book Club

Book Club: The Da Vinci Code – watch more funny videos This is pretty much how all of our book clubs go.

These Christmas Decorations Win

  Christmas decorations aren’t usually considered manly. These pictures beg to differ.

Family Guy Loves Book Clubs #2

The exact same conversation happened at our last book club between Dave and Cory.

Ultra Manly Gift Guide 2011

As always, when you’re in a bind, the Ultra Manly Book Club comes to the rescue.  About this time every year, every single man has some iteration of this thought, “holy crap, Christmas is three weeks away and I have NO idea what to get ___”.  Likewise, every girl goes through the same process, “holy […]

Manhood for Amateurs

Mechanics have their 20 or 120 point inspections, we have our 5 point book inspections. They are 5 quick hits of our thoughts about a book. This is by no means a full review. Think of it as our ultra short primary thoughts on it. Feel free to read the Amazon review for the real […]

Abraham Lincoln:Vampire Hunter Promo Video

Things just got real.

Next 6 Months for Ultra Manly Book Club

Looking for the right Christmas gift(s) for that special someone?  As always, we’ve got you covered. Announcing the next 6 months worth of books for the Ultra Manly Book Club! We can’t promise that they’ll actually BE manly, or good for that matter, as we haven’t read them yet.  What we can promise is that […]

December Book Club: Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter PREview

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter Seth Grahame-Smith That’s right, you read correctly.  Men of the world rejoice, for now it is time we read about a man who changed history, we read a classic in the truest form of the word, we read Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. The reason we’re reading this should be obvious by […]

Have a Very Manly Thanksgiving!

  The Ultra Manly Book Club would like to wish you an Ultra Manly Thanksgiving!  

Jimmy Fallon’s Do Not Read List pt 2

More great advice from the wildly underrated Jimmy Fallon.