April Book Club Review: Rabbit, Run

Rabbit, Run John Updike [xrrgroup][xrr rating=1.45/5] [xrr rating=1.1/5 imageset=grenade label=Manliness:][/xrrgroup]     The literary tastes of the men in iUMBC range from dudes who will only read a book all the way through if there is a steady barrage of explosions, shootings, and space aliens to dudes who were English majors and read books seeking […]

Front Cover Friday #23

I found this beautiful front cover in a book store in Manhattan, KS, over the weekend. It’s 224 pages of bacon – what could ever be better?! My mouth is watering just thinking about opening its pages. Check out the author’s blog too – ton’s of delicious bacon creations and recipes. I think I’ll go […]

Front Cover Fridays #22

There are few characters ever invented who are considered manlier than James Bond. The creator of 007, Ian Fleming, wrote 14 books starring the famous British spy. These are the original front covers of that collection starting with the first book, Casino Royale.                      Interesting that he decided to […]

iUMBC podcast 3

  April Podcast Overview: Intro Special secret guest author interview (Hint: His name rhymes with Lick Marks) Out of the Silent Planet Review Reservation Blues Preview and Review The Sisters Brothers Review (If you can’t listen on your browser, click download for mobile phones or if you don’t have Flash)

Front Cover Friday #21

Final Four Thoughts

So how’s your bracket doing? I made the mistake of filling out 3 brackets, all different–so I wasn’t quite sure who to root for. Unfortunately they all did pretty terrible for the most part so it didn’t matter too much. I am in second place in the iUMBC bracket, but it will remain that way […]

Front Cover Fridays #20

Front Cover Fridays #19

Ah, yes. It’s Superman’s comic book debut in Action Comics #1. Today, the company is DC Comics. Absolutely awesome. Creator Jerry Siegel came up with the story in 1933 originally as a comic strip, but was adapted to a comic book by Detective Comics in June 1938. The opening page (seen below) depicts the story […]

Reservation Blues PREview

    Sherman Alexie is a renowned author, who has won multiple awards for his writing. His book The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian won the 2007 National Book Award for Young People’s Literature. He is also a filmmaker, and won Audience Award and Filmmaker’s Trophy at the Sundance Film Festival for his […]

Ultra Manly Bracket Challenge

March is here and the brackets are out. Compete in the Ultra Manly Bracket Challenge by clicking on the link below: iUMBC Bracket Challenge password: iUMBC   A really great prize will go to the winner. Trust us.