Official Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter Trailer!

Oh man…this is going to be so good!

UMBC Podcast: Art of Fielding Preview

  UMBC_ The Art of Fielding Click here to download or listen to on a mobile device. We’ve taken the leap!  The first Ultra Manly Podcast has been recorded, edited, and published! Each month we’ll produce a podcast reviewing our last book and previewing our next book.  It’s a very serious, tangent-free recording.  I swear. […]

December Book Club: Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter REview

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter Seth Grahame-Smith     Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter ended up as a battle royale between the “meatheads” and the “literary snobs”.  There was wide dissension on whether on not the book is worth reading at all.  On one hand it was poorly written, on the other: its Abraham Freaking Lincoln killing […]

Abraham Lincoln:Vampire Hunter Promo Video

Things just got real.