February Podcast 2: Art of Fielding, Out of the Silent Planet, Manly Books

Second podcast! Look out world!!! February Podcast: Intro Art of Fielding Review What makes a book manly Out of the Silent Planet Review See tomorrow’s post for the full Ultra Manly Book Club Out of the Silent Planet Review. (If you can’t listen on your browser, click download for mobile phones or if you don’t […]

January Book Club: Art of Fielding REview

The Art of Fielding Chad Harbach     Consensus on a book sucks.  It makes for boring conversation, a bunch of agreement, and a lot of slaps on the back.  Fortunately, we’re men.  So even when we agree on something we don’t communicate it well, giving us hours of great discussion taking turns saying the […]

UMBC Podcast: Art of Fielding Preview

  UMBC_ The Art of Fielding Click here to download or listen to on a mobile device. We’ve taken the leap!  The first Ultra Manly Podcast has been recorded, edited, and published! Each month we’ll produce a podcast reviewing our last book and previewing our next book.  It’s a very serious, tangent-free recording.  I swear. […]

GQ Interview with Art of Fielding author: Chad Harbach

Below is an excerpt from a September GQ interview with Chad Harbach. He has an interesting story. For the full interview click here. In Chad Harbach’s debut novel, The Art of Fielding, the tribulations of a star shortstop at a small liberal arts college take on a Herculean feel. A victim of a sudden and […]