April Book Club Review: Rabbit, Run

Rabbit, Run John Updike [xrrgroup][xrr rating=1.45/5] [xrr rating=1.1/5 imageset=grenade label=Manliness:][/xrrgroup]     The literary tastes of the men in iUMBC range from dudes who will only read a book all the way through if there is a steady barrage of explosions, shootings, and space aliens to dudes who were English majors and read books seeking […]

Out of the Silent Planet Book Club Questions

And I say also this. I do not think the forest would be so bright, nor the water so warm, nor love so sweet, if there were no danger in the lakes. -Hyoi Out of the Silent Planet definitely has more depth and underlying themes to it than most of the books we’ve read so […]

Russian Authors Are Weird

After seeing a legit Russian author, Gary Shteyngart, attend a book club with roommate Paul Giamatti, one can only assume that all Russian authors are just like him. Tolstoy, Dostoyevsky,Gogol. All just like this. Not sure why Luke is in love with them…  

Out of the Silent Planet PREview: February Book Club

Out of the Silent Planet CS Lewis While widely considered one of the formative science fiction books of the 20th century, it seems like CS Lewis’ Science Trilogy often gets overlooked. Out of the Silent is Lewis’ first published book and acts as an adult version of his Narnia books.  Those who love the fantasy […]

January Book Club: Art of Fielding REview

The Art of Fielding Chad Harbach [xrrgroup][xrr rating=3.125/5] [xrr rating=3.25/5 imageset=grenade label=Manliness:][/xrrgroup]     Consensus on a book sucks.  It makes for boring conversation, a bunch of agreement, and a lot of slaps on the back.  Fortunately, we’re men.  So even when we agree on something we don’t communicate it well, giving us hours of […]

Book Club Pictures

The Kansas City Chapter of the Ultra Manly Book Club was kind enough to send in pictures of their last book club going over Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. They even had an Ultra Manly Secret Santa (before you make fun of it, take a gander at some of the gifts) to get into the spirit […]

Best of 2011: Book Club Books Review

As we come to the end of the year, we’ll be spending some time listing the very best books from 2011. Click here to see everything we’ve covered for the year. This year marks the first full calendar year for the Ultra Manly Book Club.  Looking back over all of the books we’ve done throughout […]

January Book Club: The Art of Fielding PREview

Our book club determines our selections for a number of reasons, but the reasoning behind this selection is simple: it was considered by most to be one of the – if not THE – Best Book of 2011 (#1 by Amazon, #3 by NY Times, among others). That’s high praise. Throw in the fact that […]

December Book Club: Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter REview

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter Seth Grahame-Smith [xrrgroup][xrr rating=2.75/5] [xrr rating=4.75/5 imageset=grenade label=Manliness:][/xrrgroup]     Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter ended up as a battle royale between the “meatheads” and the “literary snobs”.  There was wide dissension on whether on not the book is worth reading at all.  On one hand it was poorly written, on the […]

Funny or Die Book Club

Book Club: The Da Vinci Code – watch more funny videos This is pretty much how all of our book clubs go.