Next 6 Months for Ultra Manly Book Club

Looking for the right Christmas gift(s) for that special someone?  As always, we’ve got you covered. Announcing the next 6 months worth of books for the Ultra Manly Book Club! We can’t promise that they’ll actually BE manly, or good for that matter, as we haven’t read them yet.  What we can promise is that […]

Best Authors for Men

Today is National Author’s Day.  We all know that not every person who writes a book should be celebrated (Stephenie Meyer, Chelsea Handler, Nick Sparks), and now that I look at my examples, some writers shouldn’t even be considered “authors”.  That said, there are many, many great authors whom we should honor. The following list […]

Some Manly Halloween Thoughts and Books

Ultra Manly Rules for Trick or Treaters: Give away a manly treats…like motor oil. No candy for anyone dressed like any character form Twilight. Remember that scaring kids is an okay exchange for candy….making them wet their costumes is a bonus. No candy for anyone dressed like Justin Beiber. Demanding single moms’ phone numbers in […]

The Absolute WORST Books for Men

Men, have you been seduced by cheap marketing tricks such as “New York Times Bestselling” or the phrase “Everybody’s reading it”?  Have you picked up these strongly recommended books only to discover that reading it is like eating one of those wildly over-rated Jelly Bellies that taste like boogers or vomit?  Have you been tricked […]

Dave’s Top Ten

I didn’t care for reading when I was younger, and was only turned on to reading after realizing that espresso and hand rolled cigarettes alone didn’t make you an intellectual. I have since jumped right in, studying creative writing and English education. I enjoy a good story, but only when it is backed up with […]

Zach’s Top Ten

I feel like I have a pretty diverse taste in books, and that is reflected in my favorite books.  My first criteria is, and always will be, entertainment.  Like a good action movie, there doesn’t have to be a ton of meat to a book as long as it keeps my interested and the pages […]

Cory’s Top Ten

My top ten manly-book list is definitely different than my all time favorites list.  That compilation, which would put me at risk of sounding like a prepubescent nerd, would have all 7 Harry Potter books on it… but that’s for another day! My top-ten many-book list is all about one thing: Entertaintenment.  I’m a typical guy.  […]

APC’s Top Ten

I am a fan of pretty much anything that takes my mind to a creative and unique place. Mostly futuristic novels, or books that have to do with a concept that makes me think about something strange or new. Although there are a couple that don’t fit that description (namely, Catcher in the Rye), but […]

Luke’s Top Ten

Here is my top ten list.  I am more drawn to the classics in general, and I especially love Russian literature.  The depth that they have captivates me in a way that most modern literature lacks, at least for me.  I’d much rather read a book that takes a bit longer and has something really […]

The Movie Was Good, but the Book Was Better (50 Manly Books Turned into Movies)

What’s the best part about going to see a movie? Being able to demonstrate how much better you are than your co-movie goers by comparing the movie to the book. Fortunately, you can do this more often that you’d think. Many of our favorite testosterone-packed movies aren’t as original as we originally think they are.  […]

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