The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian

  [xrrgroup][xrr rating=5/5] [xrr rating=5/5 imageset=grenade label=Manliness:][/xrrgroup]       Fact: The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian is the best book ever written for young men. Okay, that is probably debatable. You could still make strong cases for Tom Sawyer, The Outsiders or Hatchet, but the fact that it is even in the […]

Official Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter Trailer!

Oh man…this is going to be so good!

Russian Authors Are Weird

After seeing a legit Russian author, Gary Shteyngart, attend a book club with roommate Paul Giamatti, one can only assume that all Russian authors are just like him. Tolstoy, Dostoyevsky,Gogol. All just like this. Not sure why Luke is in love with them…  

Harry Potter vs Twilight Through Stephen King’s Eyes

Jimmy Fallon’s Do Not Read List #4

My favorite’s Killer Slippers. We’re going to do one of these books for the Ultra Manly Book Club one of these days.

Manly Story Formula: Your Guaranteed Guide to Writing a Best Selling Book

Luke posed some interesting questions yesterday. It got me to thinking about what makes a story interesting and engaging? Without any writing style at all, can you create a story base that would make people excited for the tale about to be told. And with that, I present you with the quick and easy Manly […]

Book Club Pictures

The Kansas City Chapter of the Ultra Manly Book Club was kind enough to send in pictures of their last book club going over Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. They even had an Ultra Manly Secret Santa (before you make fun of it, take a gander at some of the gifts) to get into the spirit […]

What Would You Like to See From iUMBC in 2012?

We’ve had quite a run these last few months as we build up our quaint little blog.  We’ve done reviews, previews, jokes, and obsessed about ebooks.  As we look towards 2012, what are some things that you’d like to see? Are there resources you’d like us to add? Do you want polls on the site? […]

Best of 2011: Science Fiction & Fantasy

As we come to the end of the year, we’ll be spending some time listing the very best books from 2011. Click here to see everything we’ve covered for the year. A lot of adults write off science fiction and fantasy novels as Young Adult books and, as a result, never even think to pick […]

January Book Club: The Art of Fielding PREview

Our book club determines our selections for a number of reasons, but the reasoning behind this selection is simple: it was considered by most to be one of the – if not THE – Best Book of 2011 (#1 by Amazon, #3 by NY Times, among others). That’s high praise. Throw in the fact that […]