Front Cover Fridays #6

Any time I travel, I try my best to find my way into a couple used book stores in the area. I’m not really sure why these places are of such interest to me. Maybe deep down I believe that I might stumble upon a totally different set of books in a different city. It’s […]

Front Cover Fridays #5

Guess which book series is second all time in total sales behind only Harry Potter. It’s not Lord of the Rings. It’s not Narnia. It’s not Nancy Drew, the Hardy Boys or the Boxcar Children either. It’s Goosebumps. When I was in 3rd grade I read my first Goosebumps book – #14 The Werewolf of […]

Front Cover Fridays #4

it’s time, once again, for this week’s edition of “Front Cover Fridays”. this week’s book is a “must have” for anyone and everyone who knows how to read:this cook book was brought to my attention by our very own iUMBC contributor, Zach, who discovered it over at Book Riot, complete with a hilarious synopsis of […]

Front Cover Fridays #3

Welcome to the third installment of “Front Cover Fridays”. First we went random, then vintage, but this week’s FCF is straight righteous… A bit sacrilegious? Maybe, but it truly is an amazing book cover. “Amazing, Holy Visions in Everyday Life,” the subtext reads. Inside we find the faces of Jesus, Mary, Buddha and Mother Teresa […]

Front Cover Fridays #2

Last week’s FCF was a little absurd. So let’s right the ship a little bit and as not-random as possible! Here’s a look at the first edition of this month’s book, The Winter of Our Discontent, by John Steinbeck, released in 1961 by Viking Press: Gorgeous cover of what I assume is New Baytown where […]

Front Cover Fridays #1

Here at iUMBC, we don’t like to take life too seriously. We might come across highly educated and ultra professional on the surface, but truly we are just a bunch of normal guys who like to have fun. In an attempt to prove to you how uneducated and not so serious we truly are, it […]