Funny or Die Book Club

Book Club: The Da Vinci Code – watch more funny videos This is pretty much how all of our book clubs go.

These Christmas Decorations Win

  Christmas decorations aren’t usually considered manly. These pictures beg to differ.

Family Guy Loves Book Clubs #2

The exact same conversation happened at our last book club between Dave and Cory.

Front Cover Fridays #4

it’s time, once again, for this week’s edition of “Front Cover Fridays”. this week’s book is a “must have” for anyone and everyone who knows how to read:this cook book was brought to my attention by our very own iUMBC contributor, Zach, who discovered it over at Book Riot, complete with a hilarious synopsis of […]

Front Cover Fridays #3

Welcome to the third installment of “Front Cover Fridays”. First we went random, then vintage, but this week’s FCF is straight righteous… A bit sacrilegious? Maybe, but it truly is an amazing book cover. “Amazing, Holy Visions in Everyday Life,” the subtext reads. Inside we find the faces of Jesus, Mary, Buddha and Mother Teresa […]

Have a Very Manly Thanksgiving!

  The Ultra Manly Book Club would like to wish you an Ultra Manly Thanksgiving!  

Jimmy Fallon’s Do Not Read List pt 2

More great advice from the wildly underrated Jimmy Fallon.

Family Guy Loves Book Clubs…

This was my perception of book clubs before the Ultra Manly Book Club came into existence.

The Power of Books

This is how I felt when I read the tiger scene in Matterhorn.

A Book Commits Suicide Every Time You…

  No explanation needed. Thanks to John for finding this.