Free Books for All! Kindle Lending Library

Amazon Press Release: Introducing the Kindle Owner’s Lending Library. The official Kindle Library is here!  Free books for all!* *Well, ok, not for all.  Only for Kindle owners…whole have Amazon Prime..and only certain books…for only a certain period of time.  BUT STILL! Amazon has announced their long awaited Kindle Lending Library. This is similar to […]

The Starbucks Effect Becoming the Amazon Effect?

(I, apparently, have given up on pretending to not be obsessed with all things Kindle.)  Yesterday’s post about Amazon Kindle partnering with local libraries got me thinking about the role of eBooks in the reading market.  With Amazon now offering direct lending between users, library lending, textbook borrowing, and free out of copyright books, I […]

Kindle Library Lending: Yes. Sir.

At the risk of making it seem like we’re obsessed with the Kindle on this site, I have to admit: I’m obsessed with the Kindle.  Especially after experiencing first-hand Amazon’s latest feature myself: Library Lending. Amazon announced last month a partnership with 11,000 libraries, where all you need is a library card to get access […]