Award for Manliest Retailer: Duke Cannon

I’m not entire sure what they sell exactly.  All I know is I’m buying it. iUMBC insider, Graham, says that they sold out of product immediately.  Orders meant as Christmas presents still haven’t come. Some quotes from the website: “Duke Cannon would never spend $129 on a f****ing polo shirt.” “Duke Cannon doesn’t give a […]

A Very Manly Christmas

Merry day after Christmas everyone! Hopefully you’re all getting something of a relaxing recovery day today. Of course Christmas can have different levels of exhaustion though. If you’re like me you spent your whole day traveling to various households opening presents and eating, all the while filling in the gaps using a massive ax to […]

Front Cover Fridays #6

Any time I travel, I try my best to find my way into a couple used book stores in the area. I’m not really sure why these places are of such interest to me. Maybe deep down I believe that I might stumble upon a totally different set of books in a different city. It’s […]

Ultra Manly Gift Guide 2011

As always, when you’re in a bind, the Ultra Manly Book Club comes to the rescue.  About this time every year, every single man has some iteration of this thought, “holy crap, Christmas is three weeks away and I have NO idea what to get ___”.  Likewise, every girl goes through the same process, “holy […]