Manly Story Formula: Your Guaranteed Guide to Writing a Best Selling Book

Luke posed some interesting questions yesterday. It got me to thinking about what makes a story interesting and engaging? Without any writing style at all, can you create a story base that would make people excited for the tale about to be told. And with that, I present you with the quick and easy Manly […]

How Do You Read?

Ok so maybe we’re stretching this series just a little bit too far, but I think this is still a fair question. I’ve been hearing a lot about how the internet has been changing the way people process information, and therefore changing the way people read as well. There has been some research showing that […]

What Do You Read?

Research* shows that if you started reading today and read for the rest of your life, and lived to be 100 years old, and you read at the pace of a speed-reader, you would still only get through 1/100,000th of the printed material available to you. And that’s not even counting other languages. Yes there […]

Why Do You Read?

Research* shows that 99% of literate people read every day. If you’re on this web site and reading this, then you are one of those 99%. Kudos. Who are the 1% you ask? Well that’s just one of life’s mysteries. Learning to read is one of life’s necessities in this modern era, and there are many things […]

Where do you read?

We here at iUMBC like to read. It’s no secret. We’ve talked a bit about the differences between physical books and ereaders, but another important aspect to the reading experience has to do with the environment one decides to read in. When it’s really time to sit down and delve into a book, we need […]