Insane Book Sculptures

Brian Dettmer is a brilliant sculptor from Chicago who is now working out of the Atlanta area. He began as a painter, but Dettmer has recently switched to a unique new medium for his work: books. Utilizing surgical tools, he carves out books page by page and transforms them into the gorgeous sculptures. Dettmer only […]

Ultra Manly Coffee Guide

We here at iUMBC have got you covered. Not only do we provide exhaustive information on manly books, but we also keep you informed on many areas of manliness. See our holiday manly gift guide. Or our guide on how to write a manly story. Or the manliest retailer ever. If you have manly questions, this […]

Front Cover Fridays #14

Here we have the second best selling book of the 19th-century (behind only the Bible)… It was originally written as a 40-week series for an abolitionist magazine called the National Era, but the first bounded edition of Harriet Beecher Stowe’s “Uncle Tom’s Cabin; Life Among the Lowly” was published as a two volume set in […]

Super Bowl Thoughts

Well the Super Bowl is over. Yes I mean the football game, not the event that women watch for the ads. If you watch it just for the ads, I question your manliness. A couple of questions here: 1. What was the best food you ate during your Super Bowl watching affair? We had some […]

Front Cover Fridays #13

Clearly this is a must have manual for every manly man heavily involved in the world of radio frequency radiation. Let’s see what the experts have to say: “This is a good practical book for anyone involved in RF safety work. There are many useful references and illustrations.” – Electrotechnology “For industries where there is […]

Language vs. Story

One of the things we discussed at our last book club meeting was that Harbach was clearly a very good writer, but that most of us didn’t really like the way the book went, how the story unfolded. But wouldn’t being a “good writer” include having something to say that is compelling and engaging? To […]

Early Super Bowl Picks

Well if you are a manly man I’m going to assume that you spent (wasted?) your entire day doing nothing but watching football, as both conference championship games aired today. It’ll be two weeks before another football game is on (don’t even try to convince me that the pro bowl has any resemblance to a […]

The Most Manly Sport?

Since we’re reading about baseball (among other things), I thought I would take a little survey. What is the most manly sport? Let us know in the comment section and state your case. One might go with football, because it’s physical and fast–but one could say the same thing about hockey, or rugby. And yes […]

Saddleback Leather

Here at iUMBC, we love all things manly, not just books. So when my brother-in-law told me about Saddleback, I knew that we had to share its story. It’s a pretty amazing story, and you can read the whole thing here. The short of it is that a guy living in Mexico went to a […]

Best Books of 2011

So far, 2011 has been a great year for new books.  We’ve had new authors emerge, Pulitzer prize winners come out with new heralded books, even iUMBC authors have come out with new books (two of them, in fact).  See Amazon Kindle’s top 20 books of 2011 below.  Fair warning: these have not been put […]